Fridthjof Film was founded in 2000 by Ronnie Fridthjof, and is now known for being a significant player within the fields of feature films, TV series and documentaries in Denmark. We always seek to find a balance between an artistic quality and a commercial one. This mix happened successfully with e.g. the Cannes winning ARMADILLO, which also become the second most watched documentary in the Danish cinemas ever. The drama series HEARTLESS, which has been sold all over the world including to HBO and Netflix, also found its way to Berlin Film Festival, where it was the first TV series ever chosen for the programme “Generations”. The company was truly recognised in 2008 when the blockbuster TAKE THE TRASH surprised everyone with 450.000 tickets sold, without having gotten any help from the traditional support system. From the same director, Rasmus Heide, we have now produced THE CHRISTMAS PARTY, ALL FOR ONE and ALL FOR TWO, who all opened as number 1 in the cinemas, and is some of the most watched films on TV 2 in Denmark.



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Fridthjof Film A/S
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2450 Copenhagen SV

Email: mail@f-film.com

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